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Distributed to various sights around the city, stand out from the Clérigos Tower, authored by Nicolau Nasoni, and the Serralves Foundation, a contemporary art museum. The Historic Center is a World Heritage, classified by UNESCO. The County is another major tourist destination area, considered by many the most beautiful area of town where you can enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean together with a beautiful and romantic promenade. Today, the city of Porto receives over one million tourists a year, having become one of the most visited cities in Europe.
Also in evidence is Bolhão Market, an architectural symbol of traditional commerce, where the famous Market saleswomen, characteristics of the city, equipped with infrastructure for trade in fresh.
The whole historic listed by UNESCO, is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the city of Porto, where you can find several points of commerce, historic buildings and squares, which are the source of the city as the Cathedral.


The city has more than 10 000 annual events, from concerts and through theaters, exhibitions or festivals with famous disc jockeys at several clubs and bars.
However, the most fun event remains the Port St. John, from 23 to 24 June, when thousands of people invade the city. In this event we highlight sardines, plastic hammers and parish dances.


Several dishes of traditional Portuguese cuisine originated in the city of Porto. The typical dish par excellence is the city of Porto Tripe dish history dating back to the time of the Portuguese discoveries, and can be found in many restaurants in town. The Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá (codfish) is another typical dish born in Porto in Portugal and popular.
The Francesinha is the latest cooking, the most famous dish, and consists of a sandwich stuffed with various meats (beef, sausage, fresh sausage and ham) and cheese and covered with a special sauce (sauce francesinha). The famous caldo verde, a dish is also Porto.
The drink is named after the city is Port wine is produced in the Alto Douro wine region (the oldest demarcated region in the world). Port wine is exported internationally from the wineries are located on the left bank of the river Douro, in Vila Nova de Gaia.


The sea at the table, the new architecture, the pilgrimages, monuments, historical recreations.
Matosinhos is unavoidably tourist cuisine, contemporary architecture, with a vast coastline. There are many other charms.

Gastronomy, it can be said that is the anchor. The fish, shellfish, beef recipes inside the Matosinhos, the tone and flavor of eternal camp is disarming. The North does Matosinhos the location of all celebrations.
Come for lunch, dinner, and return to a concert, a conference, to practice a sport.

Contemporary architecture, it should inevitably be talking about Alvaro Siza whose Matosinhos ties are very strong. Firstly the level of emotions: Alvaro Siza was born in Matosinhos, their first memories are bound to crop, the smell, the sounds of his city. Matosinhos was truly inspiring.
Matosinhos jealously guard the works of Siza, those of his youth icons of world architecture, national monuments: the Tea House of Boa Nova, the Tide Pool, built among the rocks were not - I would say the time its author - to break the sight line of the sea. It is closely and tourism across the sea to see the works of the Master, but also those of Fernando Tavora, Alcino Soutinho, Souto Moura.


Winter - 5 °C aos 14 °C
Summer - 14 °C aos 27 °C


Casa da Música
Casa do Infante
Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro
Museu de Arte Contemporânea
Museu do Vinho do Porto
Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis
Museu Nacional da Imprensa
Parque de Serralves
Teatro Nacional São João

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